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Iman Grewal is a Mental Health Advocate, Wellness Expert, Artist and Entrepreneur. In 2003, Iman began pursuing a professional dance career and launched North America's first leading entertainment company called Kama Entertainment. Her tenacious hustle, drive, and resilience led her to embrace opportunities touring with well known artists both locally and internationally and was also a hand-picked performer for elite audiences at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Amongst the attendees were renowned world leaders including former U.S. President Bill Clinton. As a highly sought after Event Curator and Project Manager, Iman transitioned into a full-time career in Toronto's arts and culture sector which led to managing art installations for City of Toronto's largest contemporary art festival Nuit Blanche and Producing events for the world's largest film festival, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). With a passion to raise unheard voices in her community, Iman paved the way for the first ever South Asian Film Programmer role at TIFF where she has been able to program films and informative community talks on issues and causes closest to her heart affecting the South Asian community such as LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights, mental health and domestic violence. 

Mental Health Advocate / Wellness Expert

Iman has dedicated over 20 years of education and training to the wellness industry and has been actively volunteering and working in the mental health field as a Peer Support Worker and a mental health professional since 2010. Her courageous frontline work within mental health organizations and group homes, working closely with at-risk youth earned her a nomination as one of the 6 mental health heroes chosen from a nationwide search featured in the first-ever Reader's Digest article entitled "Heros of Mental Health". Through Iman's self-care and self-discovery sessions, Iman focuses on offering one to one or group sessions from a holistic, trauma informed lens combining the A-Y-M-M approach, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Mental Health. Iman was led down the path of self healing in her early teens after facing challenges with her own mental health, a direct result of unhealed childhood trauma. Iman uses the power of storytelling to help others feel less alone and openly discusses her experiences with growing up in a home with mental illness and addictions. Iman discusses the importance of preventing 'burnout' and workplace stigma in hopes to eliminate the stigma related to mental health and expresses the importance of self care for all to thrive in a world where we find ourselves constantly trying to find a healthy work life balance. Today Iman is blessed to be working daily towards her purpose through many incredible avenues. She is the Founder and Lead Healer of her very own wellness initiative called YogaVedaIman through which she delivers corporate wellness sessions, one to one sessions and trauma informed yoga retreats. As full-time mental health professional for the Canadian mental Health Association, Iman provides career coaching and mentorship to Entrepreneurs identifying with mental health challenges while also facilitating support groups on self-discovery, Anxiety, Depression and Hope. Iman finds extreme joy working closely with the leading South Asian mental health organizations called SOCH Mental Health where she currently sits as a Board Member and volunteers on various committees.

"I am fueled by my purpose driven mantra of seva (service) to my community and fellow humans. When you heal yourself, you heal the world"

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