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Without mental health
there is no health

Hi! I'm
Iman Grewal

While on the journey to heal myself, I found my purpose...

"When you heal yourself, you heal the world."

A Healer is a person who gives people a reason to believe they can be healed.

A Healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer.

I am a Healer, Wellness Expert, Mental Health Professional and devoted Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation Practitioner.


My mission is to help you connect to your true self as a whole human, mind, body and soul.


Like a tree, we begin with your roots and help heal and rebuild your foundation through self-love because only when we take time to replenish and love ourselves can we show up for others in every role we take on and every relationship we build.

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Corporate Wellness

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Let's take care of them together. Mental and emotional well-being has never been more important.

Group Wellness

We all grow as a community and we all heal as a community. Iman's group therapy sessions are great for a group of friends or family. 

Individual Wellness

You are the most important person iin your life. Life can take a toll and sometimes you just need that extra nudge to get back in the groove. Let me help you heal. 

Heal with me


Tap into my content & community  

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Love notes

Kind, thoughtful words i've received along the way

Whatever Iman talks about, she gives it a feeling. Her work is soul-filling.

Iman knows how to hit the nail on the head: her unexpected metaphors, explanations, and patience to guide you deep make all the difference in the world.

Her unique energy, compassion, and vision are beautiful and inspiring to witness. It is rare to meet people so passionate about succeeding differently - by lifting others.

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